The perfect gift for new parents,
or even a gift for a special occasion
The perfect gift for parents
with a newborn

Baby Book

The world’s greatest baby book!

Who’s my mummy? Who’s my daddy?
How did my parents meet?
My first steps… My first smile…

This is a book all about me and my first year!
"My first year"

With ScrapKits, your baby book
will look exactly the way you want it to...

Choose a template or make your own design

Sometimes, the best part of making a baby book is the decorating. You can choose any of the templates for your baby book. Even better, you can make it completely unique with the help of ScrapKit

ScrapKits - You’ll never struggle with layout again

Each ScrapKit consists of nice backgrounds, frames for photos, labels to decorate text, and stickers to lift the layout. The colours and design of the ScrapKit blend nicely together, meaning you’ll never struggle with the layout.

The only limit is your imagination!

Select a ScrapKit you like, or you can even make your own - the only limit is your imagination!

You have complete freedom
to personalise your design

Your baby is unique and fantastic, so your child's baby book should be too! With the tool Studio you can change anything you want in our templates, ScrapKits or upload your own design and turn the baby book into a masterpiece that tells your baby's story: My first year.

The only limit is your imagination

Frames (Put your photos in beautiful frames})
Labels (To decorate the texts})
Stickers (To decorate the layout})
Move, scale and rotate any element
Color stickers, labels and frames
Photo editing (Effects and filters})

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